Waxing Tips

1. Why do we get ingrown hairs?
Hairs in the "nether regions" are typically curly and coarse. Sometimes when they grow after being waxed or shaved, they curl into the skin instead of growing straight up through a follicle opening. This piercing of the skin is very irritating and the skin reacts by getting inflammed and at times, even infected.

2. What can we do to prevent them?
Keeping the skin sloughed or exfoliated with a daily application of salicylic acid creams OR washing the area with a glycolic acid cleanser can decrease the frequency of ingrown hairs which are available for purchase here at Just Wax It.
3. What lotions/cremes do you recommend that are effective?
My favorite cleanser is a  Herbal Glycolic/Lactic was 1%(available at Just Wax It). There are strong salicylic acid creams you can get compounded at a dermatologist's office for those with the most stubborn & persistent ingrowns. Some people even get prescription acne medication to help with this problem if it is severe.
4. Why did I get red bumps on my skin after waxing? And why did they turn into white heads?
The red bumps seen after waxing are due to follicular inflammation. When a hair is pulled out from its follicular opening before it's time (from waxing or plucking) this is shocking to the follicle and it becomes slightly swollen and inflammed. This usually calms down by itself but in some unlucky few, this can result in little whiteheads. These whiteheads are formed when the normal bacteria on the skin (Staph aureus) go down into these inflammed follicular openings and cause tiny little infections.
5. What can I do to get rid of them?
The tiny whiteheads occuring after waxing can be treated with a mild, over the counter cortisone lotion such as Cortaid or Cortisone 10 plus a mild antibiotic ointment such as polysporin. (Most dermatologists like polysporin over neosporin as people can develop allergic reactions to neosporin).
6. Are there any other reasons why I shouldn't wax? i.e. if I am taking any medications or using other products that would effect it etc.
Waxing should be avoided in areas that are being treated with any topical retinoid product such as Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac, Avage or even over the counter Retinol... (check your labels ladies!) Those who take Accutane, which is an oral retinoid, should avoid waxing while on the medication and for one month after taking their last pill. Check with your doctors. Those who have experienced a recent sunburn or a recent outbreak of any skin rash should avoid getting waxed to avoid unnecessary irritation until the skin has healed.

Bikini Line Care

After a Brazilian Bikini Wax, it’s pretty important to start looking after your bikini line area. Here are some basics, and just so you know, I’m not a dermatologist; I’m just speaking from experience and trial and error:
1. No heavy creams or oils
It makes sense that when you pull a hair out of its follicle, there’s going to be a miniscule hole where the hair used to belong. My personal belief is that when you apply product to that area, the follicle gets jammed up resulting in unwanted ingrown hair and blocked follicles. A blocked follicle looks like a black head. If you experience this, buy yourself some exfoliating mitts or scrub  from us (you should be doing this regardless) and start to exfoliate EVER SO LIGHTLY in a gentle, circular motion. I would also recommend exfoliating the night before a wax; it gets rid of any dead skin cells etc. Don’t exfoliate after a wax, wait at least 2 to 4 days.

Product Recommended: Tend Skin, The Beauty Box Body Polish or Revision Bod yScrub.

2. Ingrown hairs
Yuck! We hate them, we pick them and stick things in them, and still they remain, and sometimes they have the nerve to multiply! Why? I don’t know, but I am going to attempt to explain how to prevent them and how to treat them if you get them. I’ve noticed that there are certain people who are more prone to ingrown hairs – like, for example, I use to! I had thick and curly hair. When my hair use to grow back, it didn't grow back to the surface straight, it grew back in a hook/curl. So when it got to the surface, it sometimes didn't break through. You can see these hairs through your skin, they are just beneath the surface and OH SO tempting to pick. I’ve had success with exfoliation (scrubs or with mitts) and the facial wash that I have recommended above . So, if you have thick, curly or coarse hair; sorry, you are just more susceptible.

I’ve also noticed clients with ingrown problems along the side and top of their bikini lines. I think wearing tight underwear or jeans irritates the skin, or pushes down on your skin, inhibiting the proper growth of your hair. I know that sounds wacky, but just imagine a fine hair trying to grow back after a wax and is being pushed back by your fashionable new jeans or pants. Not good.

Treat your bikini line skin like the skin on your face. It’s a delicate area and should not be ignored.

Product recommended: Tends Skin, Herbal Glycolic Was 1%, Green Tea Mask also a warm compresses will also help bring up the hair.

If you are a naughty pimple picker then there is not much help I can send your way. Yes, I know it is satisfying and addictive, I sometimes indulge myself, however, the horrid results of you trying to dig out that pesky ingrown are plentiful. You can end up permanently scarring your skin. I’ve seen clients with awful scars. In the trade, we call them “ice pick” scars. When you push down on an ingrown or red bump, you may see something come out of the top of it. Thinking you have solved it, you wake up the next day only to see another two have popped up. (This will happen on your face too). The problem is that the pushing, forces sebum (oil) and other debris to push out of the follicle through the bottom, rupturing it and causing an infection, which kindly spreads to other follicles. DON’T PICK!!!!
You can also use Tend Skin or other products that can be purchased through us. Just dab it onto the area 3 to 4 times a day. It will dry the bump out.

3. Cleaning your Bikini Area
Very simple. Light exfoliation with your loofah mitts or scrub on a daily or nightly basis with squirt of a cleanser and you should be on your way to a glowing, soft as a baby’s bum bikini line. I sometimes use witch hazel on my bikini line; it cleans out any blocked follicles.

Common Questions

What is the Brazilian Bikini Wax?

Also known as the Playboy Wax or on my Menu “The Full Monty”, the Brazilian Bikini Wax removes all hair from your nether regions, as painlessly as possible ( we provide a numbing cream for comfort ask your aestectician).You may choose to have everything taken off, or to leave a shape on the front, usually a strip or a triangle.

Does the Brazilian Bikini Wax hurt?
Of course, ripping hair out of follicles is not going to be a comfortable experience. However, with an experienced esthetician the whole process can be a less painful one. It helps if your esthetician has prolonged experience with hair removal, especially with Brazilian Bikini Waxes. Make sure she holds your skin taught. She may even ask you for help. Danger signs are if your skin tears or becomes bruised. You might not want to wax four (4) days before, or four (4) days after your menstrual cycle. You will find it is a little more painful on these days. It is also more uncomfortable if you are overly tired or are feeling a little under the weather. It’s not that we can’t perform a Brazilian Bikini Wax on these days, it’s just a little more uncomfortable for you.

Whatever you have heard about the pain factor involved in Brazilian Bikini Waxing; get rid of those thoughts now! It’s really not that bad.

How long will the results of a Brazilian Wax last?
It really depends. Hair grows at different rates, depending on the person, and sometimes your cultural background. Also, shaved hair does not grow back in one cycle. I am seeing more and more that after a first wax, shaved hair will still appear days after the wax. I am assuming this is because the client does not wait long enough for ALL of the hair to grow out. You will, however, notice that after a few Brazilian Bikini Waxes, your hair will start to grow in much finer (shaved hair is much more thick, as you cut it off at it’s thickest point) and you will also notice that your hair will start to grow back a lot slower.

Can I get a Brazilian Bikini Wax if I am pregnant?
Yes. However, please clear this with your doctor. Just like waxing when you are menstruating, being pregnant will leave you more sensitive during and after your wax.

What’s the difference between a Brazilian Bikini Wax and Playboy Wax?
Not much really. All hair is removed from underneath for both, but with the Playboy Wax, a strip is left on the front.

When Not to Wax:
Under these conditions, I cannot perform a Brazilian wax or any other kind of waxing services:

a.     If you are using any Retinol products i.e. Retin A, Renova etc. on your bikini line or brow area.
b.     If you are using Accutane.
c.     If you have any kind of sun burn or laser burn on the area to be waxed.
d.     If you have any kind of STD whatsoever.
e.     If you are a diabetic. I will need a doctor's note, approving your waxing.
(Also, please, please remember to arrive at your appointment clean. I run a very hygienic practice).

How to Prepare for Your Brazilian Bikini Wax

Most importantly before a Brazilian Wax, SHOWER… PLEASE!! Appointments straight after the gym are not pleasant for your technician! And, if you can't shower before your appointment, wet wipes come in mighty hand and they are provided by us!

In order for a Brazilian Bikini Wax to be successful, the hair needs to be about a quarter of inch and 10 to 14 days of growth. Please note, this especially applies to first-time clients who have been shaving. The worst possible thing you could do to your bikini line is to wax too soon after shaving. Stubble is awful to take up if it is too short, and this is why I ask for the appropriate amount of time for regrowth.

It is a good idea to loofah your bikini line, very gently, the night before your Brazilian Wax. In fact, you can gently exfoliate your bikini line every day/evening. This helps deter those pesky ingrown hairs and aids in a speedy removal.

Come to your appointment relaxed. Being anxious about the Brazilian Bikini Wax can definitely contribute to it being more painful. Some people have mentioned that Advil or Motrin helps them before a Brazilian Wax, although there is no real evidence that this is true. I really do believe that if you prepare yourself mentally, it won’t be as bad as you have been led to believe. If at any time you are too uncomfortable to endure the wax, you must let your technician know. Nobody is forcing you to do it. It's your body! However, the results definitely outweigh a little bit of discomfort.

Also, please, please remember to arrive at your appointment clean. I run a very hygienic business.

What are the possible side effects of waxing and how can they be minimized?

Although we can not predict or guarantee who may react, most clients do not experience reactions beyond redness and minor irritation. Hair may break at the root during waxing, causing some hairs to grow out faster.  Please follow these guidelines to minimize irritation and possible break outs.
  • Avoid the sun immediately after waxing and please wear sun screen; recently waxed areas are prone to hyperpigmentation (permanent darkening of the skin) if exposed to the sun.
  • Avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours after waxing.
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools and other heated sources for at least 48 hours.
  • Do not use exfoliating products (AHAs, scrubs, etc) and loofas for at least 24 hours after waxing as they might further irritate your skin.
  • Avoid tight clothing after waxing, especially in the waxed areas. Tight clothing may result in irritation and ingrown hairs
  • Regular exfoliation may be helpful to remove dead skin so your hairs can get out above the surface of the pores and not become ingrown.
  • Routine waxing helps the skin get accustomed to the procedure and may minimize irritation
  • Unfortunately, no hot bath, hot shower or oral sex for 10 hours after a Brazilian.  While your pores are open, they are vulnerable to irritation by the extreme temperatures and infection by bacteria.